Lockout Tagout

Course length:Full Day Cost $100.00 + HST / Person

When workers are working on or near systems capable of releasing hazardous energies, a properly implemented Lock-out/Tag-out system is vital if incidents, injuries and deaths are to be eliminated.

This course is especially useful for anyone who performs maintenance on any kind of energized system including mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical or is responsible for the development of Job Safety Analyses (JSA) and Safe Work Plans (SWP) for those that do. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what hazardous energies are and how a system of lock-out/tag-out is used as a primary method of control to protect workers.

Topics include: Roles and Responsibilities of Workplace Parties, Hazardous energies, Identification of Lock-out situations, the hazard pathway, Safe Work Plans, Lock-Out Procedures, best practices and record keeping.


The course is for managers, supervisors, JHSC members, workers and Worker Health & Safety representatives.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

Explain the roles and responsibilities of workplace parties regarding the identification, reporting, and control of workplace hazards
Explain the hazard pathway
Identify Hazardous energies and explain the primary methods used to control them
Demonstrate a LockOut procedure and testing for zero energy

In order to successfully complete certification, participants must achieve a minimum of 75% on a written test and be able to successfully demonstrate the practical skills acquired in the course. Training certification is valid for 3 years from the time of successful completion.


Occupational Health & Safety Act

Industrial O. Reg. 851

Construction O. Reg. 213/91