Confined Space Awareness

Course length:Full Day Cost $250.00 + HST / Person


When workers are required to work in confined spaces, a confined space program is required by law and is vital if incidents, injuries and deaths are to be eliminated.

Organizing work in confined spaces can be some of the most challenging for employers and potentially dangerous for workers who carry it out. This course is especially useful for anyone who performs work in or around confined spaces, is responsible for organizing confined space work, or prepares Safe Work Plans (SWP) for those that do. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes a confined space, the hazards associated with confined space work, methods used to control confined space hazards and the required elements of a Confined Space Program. .

The course is for managers, supervisors, JHSC members, workers and worker health & safety representatives.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

Define what a confined space is
Identify and describe Atmospheric and other Confined Space hazards
Explain what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable atmospheres
Explain the roles and responsibilities of workplace parties regarding work in or around confined spaces
Describe the elements of a confined space program
Explain primary methods of control for Confined Space Hazards including: the entry permit system, air testing and monitoring, ventilation, LockOut and other safe work procedures
Explain the requirements for confined space entry permits
Explain the importance of safe work plans
Describe the elements of a confined space rescue plan
Identify the need for record keeping

Occupational Health & Safety Act

O. Reg. 632/05

Canada Labour Code Part ll