Fork Lift Operator

Course length: Full Day

Cost $ 250.00 + HST (*Evaluation Charges May Apply)

Forklifts are used in many workplaces and it is imperative that operators and those who work around them understand the hazards associated with their use. This course is designed to give participants the knowledge they need to operate fork lift trucks safely and keep themselves and others around them from harm. Emphasis is put on operator competency and safe work practices.

Occupational Health & Safety Act

Industrial O. Reg. 851

Construction O. Reg. 213/91

CSA B335-15

Operators, Supervisors, JHSC members, and Safety Representatives


By the end of this course participants will be able to:
Explain legislative requirements
Identify hazards associated with operating a fork lift truck
Explain the importance of pre-operational work-path inspection
Explain fuel-source hazards
Demonstrate pre-operational inspection of the equipment
Demonstrate safe operating practices
Explain the importance of the Internal Responsibility System as it relates to safety procedures for fork lift operators and those that work around them.

In order to pass this training course and complete certification, participants must achieve a passing grade of 75% on a written test and successfully demonstrate the practical skills of inspection and safe use of a lift truck. Cost of evaluation is included in the course cost.

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